What are your plans for Children's Day? Go back to childhood with terrazzo

09 Jun 2022

Happy Children's Day!   In our childhood, color is the most interesting way to learn about this strange world. Blue sky, white clouds, safflower, green grass, even buildings in cities, pastoral fields in

Case丨B&B x hotel, how can terrazzo create a different space

14 Apr 2022

  The artistic sense brought by the unique natural marble aggregate of terrazzo has become a popular choice for building materials. The combination of different elements gives the b

40th Anniversary 丨 Wayon Stone Promotional Film "Journey of Stone"

28 Mar 2022

never a useless stone on such a huge blue planet Experience more than 4 billion years of vicissitudes Absorb the essence of all things But it has become a relic scattered everywhere   in 1982 me

Year-end Special | "Return to the True Inorganic Terrazzo"

29 Dec 2021

Simple temperament has endless possibilities As the most simple role in architectural design Let the space show tranquility and cleanliness   T

Case丨Wayon Terrazzo presents: the collision of trend and history and culture

27 Nov 2021

Xi'an Datang Everbright City·Tide Space MYPLACE Chao Space·MY PLACE is located in Xi’an Datang Evernight City Pedestrian Street, as a commercial complex integrating multiple