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Choosing each aesthetic element for your home is one of the most exciting parts of building or redecorating a house. Quartz countertops are one of the most basic and essential amenities in a home to change the overall look of a kitchen or bathroom space.

Since 1982, WAYON has been specializing in quartz surfaces, combining our in-depth knowledge of quartz countertop creation and our passion for aesthetics. We follow a sustainable and environmentally friendly production approach to creating top-quality Chinese quartz countertops, bringing a natural touch, and making your fantastic design concepts true through our expert customization.

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Quartz Stone Chinese

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WAYON is one of the best quartz slab manufacturers & quartz countertops suppliers in China. Our quartz stone countertops exude beauty and quality to deliver a variety of benefits that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.


WAYON quartz countertops from China are a stunningly beautiful option that comes in dozens of thicknesses, edge profiles, finishes, colors, and designs for indoor and outdoor, from classic natural looks to dramatic countertop styles.


With cutting-edge technology, our various stylish design collections are of superior quality and high performance to deliver the ultimate versatility. Easy to install for a wide range of applications to create the perfect interior environment.


Quartz stone mainly consists of the natural quartz mineral, blending with resins and pigments for a fantastic, strong, and durable quartz surface that can withstand daily use and remain beautiful and long-lasting for years.

4.Low maintenance

Quartz slab countertops are stain and heat-resistant, making them easy to maintain - some mild soap and water to wipe down daily. And stubborn stains can be gently wiped away with quartz cleaner.

about WAYON

China Leading Quartz Stone Manufacturer – WAYON

WAYON is one of the pioneering engineered stone suppliers with our own countertop factory in China with over 40 years of experience. We are specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of quality engineered quartz stone products. With a keen sense of fashion, our R&D team explores various unique designs around the world. We collect and create inspiring and interior architectural countertop design trends supported by technological innovation.

We have set up a rigorous quality control system to ensure that our multi-colored engineered quartz slabs are high quality and can meet the standards required by the international market. We do continuous research and introduce new designs, and color ranges every quarter. Being an experienced quartz stone supplier in China, our quartz stone slabs are designed to be rich in both look and feel for a broad range of applications - you can find WAYON quartz surfaces worldwide!

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Quartz Slab China

WAYON Chinese quartz countertops

High-performance, eco-friendly quartz stone material with a soft, elegant color and affordable price is the best choice for home and public place decoration, including apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, subway stations, airports, hospitals, libraries and other different areas.

Frequently Asked Question

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Quartz is an extremely durable material resistant to scratches, chips, stains and heat. However, standard precautions must be taken to protect this man-made material from damage and to prevent the color from fading.

Keep quartz countertops safe by avoiding harsh chemicals, permanent dyes or inks, abrasive cleansers, direct heat, knives, or other sharp metal tools.

WAYON quartz countertops are widely used in accent walls, kitchen countertops, dining tables, sinks, window sills, bar countertops, interior walls, floors, and unique addition in apartment buildings, hotels, senior housing, etc.

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Installation Tips of Quartz Stone

Quartz, as a new type of green environmental protection product, more and more recognized and used by consumers, with the improving of the living standards and further penetration of quartz.

Wayon quartz raw materials better! More! Near!-(quartz stone)

As well-known, high-quality quartz surface is made of quartz stone, proportion up to about 93% Manufactured in the vacuum and high pressure environment.

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