Quartz Stone China: Everlasting Trends

Quartz Stone China: Everlasting Trends

Nowadays, looking for a truly stunning decoration to complete your new renovation or refurbishment project may seem difficult. However, the unique and striking quartz surface is always an ideal option that won't go out of style.

Thanks to excellent performance and elegant outlook, quartz countertops have a wide range of usages, including apartment buildings, hotels, residential homes, etc., for both domestic and commercial applications.

WAYON is proud to offer a wide variety of quality quartz stones and countertops that provide a top-notch, gorgeous, and practical solution for any countertop, wall, or floor. Carefully selected for aesthetics and practicality, our quartz offers a cost-effective and visually appealing alternative to traditional marble and granite materials.

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Quartz Slab China

WAYON Promise

WAYON is a professional quartz slab manufacturer & quartz stone supplier in China, specializing in processing all kinds of countertops and table tops, cut to sizes, and engineering. With 4 major production and processing bases, our annual output of high-quality quartz stone and terrazzo exceeds 3,000,000㎡.

1. Superior Products

WAYON quality won numerous recognitions of authority - we are the first batch to get Greenguard, ISO, and more certificates to ensure the perfect performance & high-quality China quartz tiles for all our customers.

2. Customization

We offer 5 quartz product series, up to 100+ quartz slabs of different styles for you to choose from, and the OEM quartz stone/customized service is also available to meet your special needs. Decorating has never been so much fun!

3. Craftsmanship

Our dedicated craftsmen ensure the highest quality of every process to ensure that every quartz stone we deliver is backed by an overwhelming quality guarantee, bringing an elegant and modern touch to any space.

4. Philosophy

WAYON has been upholding the business philosophy of "integrity and quality", constantly supplying consumers with satisfactory and practical quartz products, creating value for the global new material industry, and has been highly recognized by the market.

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How are quartz countertops made?

Quartz stone countertops are typically made from over 90% natural quartz, with resins and pigments to give color and texture to create a beautiful but strong surface. And the mixture is transferred into slab-sized molds, compressed, and laminated under extreme pressure, and the quartz slab finish product is then cured and polished, followed by quality control testing.

Quartz surfaces are preferred by many homeowners, renovators, and designers to add particularly unique and contemporary color patterns in kitchen and bathroom décor and even accent walls in hotels, apartments, shopping malls, etc. Quartz stone can be used on walls, kitchen island countertops and backsplashes, and so on, leaving a broad range of creative spaces for the interior design field.

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WAYON Quartz Slabs Offer Endless Design Possibilities!

Even for unique accent wall décor in a home, apartment, or hotel, OEM quartz tile is still a reliable choice that is customizable, affordable, and easy to maintain. The excellent color appearance and limitless design options give quartz the ability to refresh the indoor environment.

Quartz Stone Factory

Q & A

WAYON quartz stone price is more cost-effective than other countertop materials, and the quotation varies on color, pattern, quantity, etc. Welcome to inquiry!

Quartz is extremely durable, hard to scratch, crack or chip can handle heavy foot traffic situations without wear and tear. Contact us for the latest quote for high-end China quartz flooring!

Yes, the quartz slab has a non-porous surface structure that prevents bacteria and germs from growing on the countertop, which can make direct contact with food to protect your family's safety.

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Installation Tips of Quartz Stone

Quartz, as a new type of green environmental protection product, more and more recognized and used by consumers, with the improving of the living standards and further penetration of quartz.

Wayon quartz raw materials better! More! Near!-(quartz stone)

As well-known, high-quality quartz surface is made of quartz stone, proportion up to about 93% Manufactured in the vacuum and high pressure environment.

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