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Wayon Stone's New Product Design with Unique Craftsmanship Unlocking New
Jul 09,2024

Wayon Stone's New Product Design with Unique Craftsmanship Unlocking New "Stone" Fashion

WAYON STONE x New Product Design Collection


For many years, Wayon has been researching, producing, and processing artificial quartz, terrazzo, and other stone series, constantly researching and innovating new stone styles. For over 40 years since its establishment, Weiyang has provided high-quality and innovative stone products with design concepts to customers around the world.

As a professional global manufacturer of new materials, Wayon has four major production and processing bases, with an annual output of over 3 million square meters of high-quality artificial stone panels such as quartz, terrazzo, and cement. We specialize in processing various types of stone countertops, furniture boards, specification boards, engineering boards, and other wall and floor materials.


Wayon  Stone Heyuan Board Production Base

Wayon Stone Cloud Floating Plate Production Base


Wayon Stone Quartz Terrazzo Large Plate Warehouse

The new quartz stone products introduced by Xiaowei not only showcase Wayon Stone's ultimate pursuit of quality, but also cater to the new fashion of home stone in design.
Come and explore, and let Wayon Stone's new product quartz stone add infinite possibilities to your home life!



The new quartz stone products introduced by Xiaowei not only showcase Wayon Stone's ultimate pursuit of quality, but also cater to the new fashion of home stone in design.
Come and explore, and let Wayon Stone's new product quartz stone add infinite possibilities to your home life!



To meet different needs, our Wayon Stone has launched a zero silicon stone series that is identical to quartz in terms of pattern and performance. We carefully select high-quality raw materials and adopt advanced production processes to ensure that every piece of zero silicon stone has excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, stain resistance, and easy cleaning. Welcome to inquire about the relevant zero silicon product series.

Wayon Stone × 

WG564  Blue Flowing Gold

An excellent choice for modern home space design


▲ WG564  Blue Flowing Gold

On the path of pursuing the perfect integration of home aesthetics and practicality and durability, Wayon Stone has once again led the trend and launched a remarkable new product - WG564 Ice Blue Flowing Gold New Quartz Stone.
This quartz stone showcases its charm with its unique light blue color as the base, adding infinite vitality and elegance to modern home spaces.



As a masterpiece of the Wayon Stone brand, WG564 Ice Blue Flowing Gold adopts international advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials.
The quartz sand content is over 90%, ensuring its excellent hardness and wear resistance, which can effectively resist scratches and wear in daily life. At the same time, its anti fouling, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial and other characteristics make cleaning and maintenance easy and simple, and maintain it as new for a long time.


▲WG564 Ice Blue Flowing Gold



▲WG564 Ice Blue Flowing Gold Local map


WG564  Blue Flowing Gold Quartz stone, with its excellent performance and rare color design, is very suitable for wide application in various fields such as kitchen countertops, bathroom sink countertops, wall decorations, and furniture countertops. It can not only enhance the overall grade and beauty of home space, but also bring the ultimate atmosphere to daily life.


Wayon Quartz × 

WG558  Inking White

WG559  Inking Gold


The Craftsmanship of National Style Element Design

▲WG559  Inking Gold Application 


▲WG558 Inking White Application 


The design concept takes "floating ink" as the theme, cleverly integrating traditional Chinese elements with modern design concepts, creating two quartz stone products that combine classical charm and modern beauty - WG558 Floating Ink White Inking White and WG559 Floating Ink Gold Inking Gold. These two quartz stones showcase the flowing beauty of Chinese calligraphy and the weightiness of gold and stone culture through their unique texture and color design, adding a unique Chinese charm to the home space.




WG558 Inking White:Based on pure white, it simulates the gently falling ink on rice paper, with a delicate and varied texture, like a completed ink painting, giving people a fresh and refined feeling.


WG559 Inking Gold: Incorporating golden elements on a white substrate, the golden ink is faintly visible, like a sprinkle of gold powder, adding a touch of luxury and nobility. The combination of gold and white not only reflects the elegance of traditional Chinese culture, but also maintains a modern fashion sense.

▲WG559 Inking Gold 


▲WG558 Inking White


Wayon Stone and Quartz can provide a variety of specifications to choose from, such as standard sizes of 3000 x 1400mm and oversized sizes of 3200 x 1600mm, to meet different space needs. In terms of thickness, we offer multiple options such as 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc. to ensure stability and durability.





▲WG558 Inking White


▲WG559 Inking Gold


Kitchen countertop: Both types of quartz stones are suitable for kitchen countertops, with their wear-resistant, scratch resistant, anti fouling, and anti bacterial properties. They can easily handle daily heavy cutting and oil stains in the kitchen, keeping the countertop as smooth as new.

Bathroom sink countertop: The minimalist design of WG558 floating ink white and WG559 floating ink gold is also suitable for bathroom sink countertops, adding a touch of freshness and elegance to the bathroom space.
Living room background wall: Utilizing the unique texture and color of these two quartz stones, create a living room background wall that perfectly blends Chinese elements with modern design, showcasing a unique aesthetic taste.

High end furniture countertops: Whether it's a coffee table, dining table, or desk, WG558 Floating Ink White and WG559 Floating Ink Gold can add a unique Chinese style and quality to furniture.



Wayon Quartz 

WG555  Cloud Shadow Grey


A peaceful and elegant spatial atmosphere

▲WG555 Cloud Shadow Grey


The design concept is specifically designed for consumers who pursue simplicity while maintaining a stylish home environment. Its unique cloud shadow gray texture, based on gray white, blends delicate natural textures, creating a peaceful and elegant spatial atmosphere, as if being in the environment of clouds and shadows.

Grey white, as the main color tone, displays a low-key and steady beauty, which is easy to blend with various home styles. The texture design of Cloud Shadow Grey is inspired by the interweaving of clouds and light in the sky, delicate and layered, making each stone unique and full of natural and artistic charm.


▲WG555 Cloud Shadow Grey


▲WG555 Cloud Shadow Grey Detail drawing 


Wayon Quartz has passed multiple international environmental and safety certifications, such as ISO9001, CE, etc., ensuring the health, non toxicity, and safety of the product during use. Its food grade artificial quartz material allows for direct contact with food, making cooking more worry free.

▲WG555  Cloud Shadow Grey 


WG555  Cloud Shadow Grey Artificial quartz has become an ideal choice in modern home decoration due to its unique cloud shadow gray texture, excellent physical properties, diverse specification choices, and environmentally friendly and safe characteristics. Whether it's a minimalist kitchen countertop or an elegant and atmospheric living room background wall, WG555 Cloud Shadow Grey can perfectly blend in, adding an extraordinary style and taste to your home space.


Wayon Quartz 

New Product Selection Collection

New product collection makes a stunning debut

The following is a carefully selected collection of new products by the editor, each containing its unique aesthetic craftsmanship design concept and Weiyang people's pursuit of quality and continuous innovation for over 40 years.








Each of Xiaoweiwei's selected products embodies innovation and excellence in artificial quartz stone design, covering every detail of home decoration from simple fashion to elegant luxury. These new products not only demonstrate Wayon Stone's ultimate pursuit of quality, but also lead the new trend of home stone. Come and explore the truth, let Wayon Stone's new product quartz add infinite possibilities to your home life!



Zero silica stone green material: As a green and environmentally friendly material, zero silica quartz greatly reduces the harm to human health during production and use, meeting international environmental standards and health requirements.

The zero silicon stone series of Wayon Stone has achieved extremely low or even zero emissions of silicon elements through advanced production processes and technological means in the production process, greatly reducing environmental pollution and in line with the current global trend of environmental protection.


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