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WAYON STONE x LPS Helps Shanghai International High end Real Estate Festival
Dec 08,2023

WAYON STONE x LPS Helps Shanghai International High end Real Estate Festival





As an official partner of LPS, WAYON STONE has been researching, producing, and processing artificial quartz, terrazzo, and other stone series for many years. For over 40 years since its establishment, WAYON has provided high-quality and innovative stone products with design concepts to customers around the world.

As a professional global manufacturer of new materials, WAYON has four major production and processing bases, with an annual output of over 3 million square meters of high-quality artificial stone panels such as quartz stone, terrazzo, and cement stone. We specialize in processing various types of stone countertops, furniture boards, specification boards, engineering boards, and other wall and floor materials.

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2023 LPS Shanghai International High end Real Estate Festival

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LPS, also known as Luxury Properties Showcase, is an exhibition platform dedicated to showcasing high-end real estate worldwide. At each exhibition, the organizers bring together high-end real estate developers/brands from around the world, bringing countless high-end real estate investment projects to buyers/investors. LPS holds a pivotal leading position in the international high-end real estate exhibition industry and has been favored and supported by various sectors of society for many years.



WAYON × ITALIA | The Story of Italy


Seeking Cooperation | Historical Origins


Italy not only has a rich historical background, but also extremely abundant stone resources, known as the "Kingdom of Stone".

This romantic European country boasts countless natural art treasures. For thousands of years, many well-known and outstanding buildings have chosen high-quality stone as the cornerstone of their architecture, and carved according to its natural shape. We have witnessed the inherent artistic charm of stone.

The story of Wayon and Italy can even be traced back to the 1990s, when Wayon representatives became the first group of people in China to conduct in-depth cooperation in Italian mining areas. Wayon Stone can be said to have developed by absorbing the concepts and technologies of Italian stone culture, combined with its own objective conditions.

In 1997, Wayon representatives conducted on-site inspections of the Karala mining area in Italy and became one of the first stone companies to trade with foreign miners.


Equipment Introduction | Deep Cooperation


Wayon Stone has been introducing Italian brand ZAMBON bridge cutting machines since 1997, and has gradually introduced advanced stone processing equipment such as RUSSIANI six axis large machining centers, CMS machining centers, INTERMAC three axis and five axis machining centers, and DONATONI five axis bridge cutting machines.

We have been following Italy's leading and advanced equipment to improve the level of stone processing and meet the high quality requirements of domestic and foreign customers.


Actively exhibiting | Innovative concepts


Given Italy's rich stone culture and diverse customer base in the stone industry. Wayon Stone has been persistently participating in the Italian International Stone Exhibition for many years, appearing and vigorously showcasing the latest quartz and terrazzo product series. Through in-depth communication with professionals such as purchasers and designers, learn the latest industry management concepts and potential development directions.



During each exhibition, Wayon can discover more creative application solutions through communication between both parties. We have also made many friends with years of experience in the stone industry during the exhibition, and the collision of different concepts has brought us many new inspirations.



WAYON × Modern Real Estate Engineering Cases








Wayon Stone has many years of experience in real estate service engineering cases. Through ingenious interpretation and drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, it activates the ever-changing nature of different types of stones such as quartz and terrazzo in different commercial real estate spaces, catering to the needs of different customers for different spatial scenes, and thus creating the most suitable atmosphere for real estate spaces.


LPS Shanghai 2023

Theme forum

The 22nd session

2023 LPS Shanghai International High end Real Estate Festival

LPS Shanghai

2023-VIP Grand Opening

Time: December 8th to 10th

10am -18pm

TIME: December 8-102023

Address: Shanghai Exhibition Center

Shanghai Exhibition Center

Official partner: Wayon Stone

Official Partner: WAYON STONE

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LPS official invitation letter

WAYON STONE Joins Hands with LPS

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