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Wayon Stone┃An important choice for quality engineering
Aug 17,2023

Wayon Stone┃An important choice for quality engineering



Wayon Stone

Natural Stone Quality Engineering

Important choices



Focus Marble and granite projects for over 40 years

Continuously improving

Mining, processing, and construction technology

Creating high-quality projects


Wayon stone






With the upgrading of domestic pursuit of returning to simplicity and quality of life,

In the selection of building decoration materials,

Natural stone has always been favored by owners and designers.

As a professional service provider for marble and granite,

We are in some high-end hotels, villas, and public construction projects

We provide a large amount of natural stone and processing materials,

Obtained unanimous recognition from engineering clients!!!

This issue brings you

Case Sharing of Wayon Natural Stone Project!!!



1、High end Hotel Engineering


Hainan Sanya Sheraton Hotel - Italian Wood Grain


Shanghai Minxing Xinghewan Residential Project


Xiangshan International Hotel Project


Jinan Haier Green City Sheraton Hotel Project


Marble - Cloud Dora Grey


Marble - Icelandic Grey



 + + + + + + +

The floor of the hotel lobby is made of Wayon marble,

Presenting a delicate natural texture,

During the construction process, we adopted

Precision cutting and professional collage technology,

Strive for maximum retention

The primitive beauty of marble,

Finally, presenting a smooth yet luxurious appearance

The aesthetic effect of hotel space.

   + + + + + + +



Shanghai Shigewei Hotel Project


Zhoushan Sheraton Green City Hotel Project




2、Club Villa Engineering

In the design of high-end clubs

Material selection is particularly crucial

Directly affecting the quality of the space





 + + + + + + +


Maximize the retention of natural stone materials

Original texture and color,

Presenting a peaceful and elegant atmosphere.

Equipped with lighting design around the atrium,

Create a warm indoor diplomatic fusion space.

We firmly believe in the appropriate use of natural stones,

It can add unique quality to high-end spaces.

We will also continue to learn and improve,

Collaborate with more club villa real estate brands,

Together, create an unforgettable high-quality experience!

 + + + + + + +


Country Garden Engineering Project


Guangzhou Tuscany Engineering Project


Yihe Golf Manor Project


Yushan World Trade Manor Villa Project


Shanghai Tangong Villa Project


Marble - Classic Beige Collection


Marble - Classic Beige Collection


Marble - Marble mosaic series



3、 Shanghai Gallery Home Private Residence Project

Excellent Marble Engineering Cases

Gallery+Private House

Undoubtedly reflects the Eastern temperament

Weiyang fully utilizes the texture of marble

Creating a "Gallery Home" Full of Oriental Art

Gallery Home Private Residence Project - Karala Wall

Gallery Home Private Residence Project - Blue Crystal Stone in Wall Cabinet

Gallery Home Private Residence Project - Multiple Marble Terrazzo Mixed Floors

The project adopts various Wayon natural marble stones,

Fully reflecting the texture and aesthetic value of marble,

Create a fusion of Eastern artistic conception and modern art

private space

Close cooperation with the owner and designer during the construction process,

The ultimate perfect presentation of the private residence

The overall design concept and aesthetic style.


Gallery Home Private Residence Project - Karala Wall (Artificial Quartz Stone)


Karala wall


Marble terrazzo mixed flooring


Natural and artificial stones

A story of perfect combination

The wall is made of quartz stone

The bathtub is made of marble

Terrazzo mixed pavement floor

Unique combination method

Constituted the 'Eastern Artistic Conception'

4. Macau Yunshun Mall Marble Project
Excellent Marble Engineering Cases

Danube Grey+Ink Cloud Grey

Wayon fully utilizes the texture of marble

Create a simple and dignified modern shopping environment in the mall

Macau Yunshun Shopping Mall Project - Marble Ink Cloud Grey


Macau Yunshun Shopping Mall Project - Marble Danube Grey


Macau Yunshun Shopping Mall Project - Marble Danube Grey


Two major marble series, Danube Grey and Ink Cloud Grey

The surface of Danube gray is solid and flat, and the base is light gray,

Paired with the modern minimalist style of the shopping mall, adding a three-dimensional texture.

Ink, cloud, and gray are even more colorful and rich in heritage,

The lines flow like ink paintings, with agility and elegance.

According to the detailed structure of the shopping mall

Draw extension lines of marble elements,

Make it an organic component of the environment.

Marble presents a rich texture in the changing light and shadow,

Add fun to shopping venues.



Detailed drawing of marble, ink, cloud and gray on the wall



Detailed drawing of marble and agate gray on the ground

The application of ink cloud grey and agate grey series marble,

Creating an overall space for the mall

A comfortable and free commercial atmosphere.

It's like entering a space of artistic elegance,

Experience marble

Pure texture and rich and colorful texture changes.





5. Guangcai Granite and Rock Case Study

High quality granite engineering cases



Granite Sesame White Series



Granite Sesame Grey Series



We have undertaken the construction of the new campus of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics

Multiple granite and granite projects,

These high standard granite flooring projects,

Significantly improved the overall environmental quality of the campus area.

This high-quality plate-like granite has a delicate and hard texture,

Set off the original colors of garden art,

Complement the surrounding garden landscape.

6. Promotion of high-quality natural stone engineering projects

Construction quality depends on the early stage

Careful preparation of marble/granite materials

Construction that meets customer needs and strives for excellence.

Weiyang Stone adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and the heart of apprenticeship

Bringing Every Time to Customers

A project with excellent quality and outstanding spatial temperament!

Guangzhou Huangpi Resettlement Housing Project - Marble Deck

Natural Stone - Golden Leaf Beige

Natural Stone - Sicilian Grey



Guangzhou CITIC Junting Engineering Project - Marble

Natural Stone Cloud Dora Grey


Natural Stone Cloud Dora Grey



Natural Stone White Cave Stone





Construction site of granite and granite project at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics




Case study of granite mosaic project on the pavement of Guangzhou Financial Street



Granite - Sesame White and Sesame Grey Mosaic



Granite mosaic

engineering construction

Wayon Hot Selling Natural Marble Variety

Afghanistan Black Gold Flower


Rainforest morphine


nero margiua


Yundora Grey


Tino beige


Eugene beige




Crema Marfil






Wayon Hot Selling Popular Granite Variety


Seal flowering


Sesame Black


Sesame White


Sesame Gray


Golden diamond hemp


Shandong White Pearl


Shrimp Red



Wayon Stone is your natural stone engineering project

An excellent partner,

We look forward to working with you

Start a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

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