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Quartz stone is made by mixing quartz sand with environmentally friendly resin and other materials through vacuum pressure and other processes. Quartz stone not only has a vein comparable to the natural stone pattern, but also has higher and more stable physical and chemical properties than natural stone. Quartz stone surface is a green building material that combines high performance, high value, and high security in one, especially perfect for kitchen islands, backsplashes, and where often in contact with food.

WAYON STONE was established in 1982, specializing in processing all kinds of countertops, table tops, cut-to-size, and engineering. As a global professional new material manufacturer, we have 4 major production and processing bases with an annual production capacity of over 3,000,000 ㎡ top-quality quartz stones and terrazzo. With over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience, we can offer engineered quartz stones of the best quality and competitive prices!

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How To Choose The Best Quartz Stone?

The market is flooded with a variety of quartz stone products. Usually, the scale of the manufacturer will have a direct impact on the product quality. Choosing a well-established manufacturer with a long history or a reputable brand is essential. Here are some tips on what to look for when selecting.


First of all, observe and feel the surface texture of quartz stone. The higher the quartz content of quartz stone, the closer the texture to natural stone, and the better the quality of quartz stone material.

2.Scratch resistance

Use hard or sharp objects such as keys to scratch the surface of quartz stone samples, simulating the daily use of kitchen knives and other hard objects scraping. The high quartz content gives quartz stone a high Mohs hardness, not easy to leave traces.

3.Stain resistance

Liquids such as soy sauce, tea, and coffee in daily life do not easily leave traces or dye on the quartz stone, and stains can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth. It has good hygiene and does not give any space for bacteria to hide.

4.Corrosion resistance

Premium quality quartz stone is chemically stable and resistant to corrosion. The fake quartz stone is added with calcium powder, aluminum powder, and other lower-cost materials, producing a chemical reaction with bubbles.

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Customized Quartz Countertops For Modern Kitchen Design

In 1984, quartz stone was first developed in Italy, the kingdom of stone. Then, this new artificial stone was considered "the most suitable material for kitchen countertops" and became a worldwide trend. Nowadays, quartz stone countertops are one of the sophisticated options for kitchen decoration.

The kitchen is usually one of the most humid and greasy areas of the house, where frequent contact with food makes it extremely easy for bacteria growth. WAYON quartz stone countertop has very low water absorption, making it difficult for sewage residue to penetrate, so mold and bacteria are less likely to grow. Excellent stain resistance makes it easier to clean and maintain - just rinse with water.

WAYON quartz stone slabs have high hardness, resistance to folding, compression, corrosion, acid and alkali, and strong physical properties and chemical stability. You do not need to worry about sharp knife scraping, blunt instrument knocking, or cleaning agents that will damage the quartz stone countertops.

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WAYON – Top Quartz Stone Factory In China

With the improvement in living standards, more and more people go after the ultimate, comfortable life. Homeowners are gradually becoming more demanding about the aesthetics of the places they live in. And the quartz stone slab, as one of the high-end kitchen countertop materials, is definitely the first choice for kitchen countertops.

Frequently Asked Question

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The design of a quartz countertop depends entirely on the size and layout. But no matter what, WAYON quartz stone countertop will create a seamless look to your space.

Yes, the color of quartz may vary and come in various patterns, sizes, shapes, and shades, which are inherent and unique properties.

The most common applications are kitchen islands & backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops, shower/tub edges, coffee tables, fireplaces, floors, walls, and so on.

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Dry goods sharing About Quartz Stone Origin of quartz In 1984, quartz stone was developed by the "Stone Kingdom - Italy" Bridgetown Company. Later, this new type of artificial stone.

Wayon quartz raw materials better! More! Near!-(quartz stone)

As well-known, high-quality quartz surface is made of quartz stone, proportion up to about 93% Manufactured in the vacuum and high pressure environment.

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