Cooperate with Top China Terrazzo Stone Manufacturers

Cooperate with Top China Terrazzo Floor Manufacturers

WAYON terrazzo stone contains natural marble and quartz stone chips up to 60% or more, pressed and formed by high frequency and high-pressure vibration. They adopt environmentally friendly inorganic bonding agents and inorganic pigment without resin, glue, and other organic components for being non-combustible and non-flammable.

China terrazzo stone from WAYON reaches the international A-class fire resistance standard. And it is not easy to deform under high temperatures, which is a safe and eco-friendly option without producing any harmful fumes. Our terrazzo stone has a wide range of applications, such as indoor wall and floor, kitchen countertops, washbasin tabletops, furniture worktops, etc. and which could be used indoors and outdoor.

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China Terrazzo Tile

WAYON Terrazzo Collections

Differing from other brands, terrazzo with high resin content may buckle after paving due to thermal expansion and contraction. However, our terrazzo & stone supply has first-class quality, no resin content with stable chemical properties.

1. Colorful

WAYON colorful series means more possibilities and creativity and is loved by designers all over the world - dozens of colors and hundreds of combinations provide this colorful terrazzo collection with endless variations.

2. White

White is one of the most important colors in WAYON Terrazzo, which can be mixed with any color to create brand-new creations and varied variations - holding on to the essence of terrazzo expressiveness to reveal the vitality of white.

3. Grey & Black

Unlike white, grey & black means more selectivity and greater flexibility. This collection comes with a calm atmosphere to make shopping malls, office buildings, subways, and other places more modern and worth a second look.

4. Nano Tech

With different colors of fine particles, nano tech terrazzo delivers different visual and sensory experiences. The nano tech series brings delicate and simplicity while the other series gives an unrestrained feel with various color designs.

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WAYON Terrazzo Floor Manufacturing Process

1. Prepare raw materials – cement, marble, quartz sand, pigment, and other inorganic materials.

2. The refined materials of terrazzo flooring are fully mixed and well blended.

3. The mixture is poured into a mold and cast with high pressure.

4. Cure the pressed blocks.

5. Cut the blocks into slabs.

6. Slabs are trimmed, gauged, and polished.

7. Every slab is inspected and protected.

8. The whole production process of the WAYON terrazzo floor is finished.

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Explore The Best Chinese Terrazzo Tile at WAYON!

Black, white, and grey are timeless classics in the design world that can withstand the test of time. Besides that, WAYON also offers colorful and nano tech terrazzo for both residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for the most professional terrazzo tile decorative solutions to start your project!

Chinese Terrazzo Tile

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, terrazzo can be used for more than just flooring, such as countertops, kitchen backsplashes, lobbies, steps, wall panels, cladding, and much more indoor & outdoor areas.

The terrazzo floor is very easy to clean for being non-porous and hygienic, and liquids or stains are not absorbed - generally, warm soapy water is enough to remove spilled stains.

Of course, you can often find terrazzo in the exterior walkways of parks, gardens, etc. Moreover, the terrazzo floor with a non-slip treatment will always keep pedestrians safe.

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