First-class OEM Terrazzo Stone in China

First-class OEM Terrazzo Stone in China

Many homeowners or designers have encountered a dilemma between durability and visual appeal. Some elegant decorative tiles are simple but can not stand the test of time and the stress of daily use, while some durable ones are in a bland look. Functionality or beauty, how to make a choice?

Chinese terrazzo slab is a popular choice that effortlessly combines aesthetic appeal and high durability with an attractive look and extremely durable construction. WAYON is one of the best terrazzo tile manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our OEM terrazzo slab provides a unique touch for kitchen backsplashes, countertops, pavers, stairs, etc. With charmful textures, it is a cost-effective option that is strong enough to last even in a commercial environment.

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Why Choose WAYON Terrazzo Tile?

With so many terrazzo products on the market to choose from, what are the advantages of WAYON terrazzo? Although terrazzo usually stands for tradition, WAYON terrazzo tiles come with innovative designs that are not constrained by the past!

1. Trendy

As time passes, so do trends. Since 1982, WAYON has been capturing the trends in the decoration and design field, constantly experimenting and refining terrazzo tile appearance to maintain a unique and modern style.

2. High-performance

WAYON prefabricated inorganic terrazzo is produced by high-frequency and high-pressure vibration, making them high flexural strength, high compressive strength, high density, and low water absorption rate.

3. State-of-the-art

Adopting the advanced one-piece molding production line, our terrazzo slab is more uniform and beautiful in pattern and texture. Each terrazzo tile has a high overall similarity with less deviation.

4. Wide Usages

WAYON terrazzo stone is widely used, not only for large outdoor squares, station platforms, balcony gardens, warehouses, workshops, shopping mall floors, and other decoration fields, more for home countertop and other applications.

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Bring Stylish And Elegant To Any Space!

Terrazzo tiles utilize neutral tones to provide a completely different and impressive visual effect. With its natural durability, terrazzo works brilliantly in a variety of environments, from bathroom countertops to backsplashes to kitchen floors. Meanwhile, it is also an excellent flooring material to add a vibrant and wonderful texture to any place.

We offer a broad range of terrazzo options covering white, grey, black, and even colorful. WAYON terrazzo is versatile that can accentuate existing style decisions or become a centerpiece. In other words, it all depends on how to use them! With our terrazzo tiles, you can create an impressive style for almost any space with ease!

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WAYON Terrazzo Product Range

As a professional terrazzo countertop manufacturer & terrazzo floor supplier in China, we are proud to offer a series of terrazzo slabs at affordable prices – colorful, white, grey & black, and nano tech – 4 collections to meet various architectural and decorative projects.

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Frequently Asked Question

The characteristics of inorganic materials determine inorganic terrazzo is chemically stable and resistant, freeze-thaw resistant, non-combustible, and not easy to buckle, which is suitable for outdoor building materials.

They are suitable for airports, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, workplaces, shopping malls, entertainment centers, restaurants, and any other indoor and outdoor spaces.

The average terrazzo tile cost ranges from $15 to $80 per square foot, not including labor. And prices will vary by pattern, texture, surface, design, etc. Contact WAYON today for the latest and most favorable terrazzo tile manufacturer price!

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